Meet the Leadership Team

As we introduce those in leadership positions we want to stress that many, many more folk are involved in ministry at Grace Community Church. The sick get visited, refreshments made, stewarding performed, cleaning carried out – the thousand and one jobs that don’t attract attention but get done to the glory of God!

Tim, Mike and Giles share the pastoral oversight of the church with Phil Watts (Church Secretary), Brian Turner and Alan Cutler who serve as elders.

GCC is a registered Charity: No 1105239

Tim Ambrose - Pastor

Jane and I moved to Tipton in 2006.
Having served the church as assistant pastor, in 2011 I stepped up to take the lead in our team of elders here at Grace.

Before theological training at Oak Hill College I was engaged in gospel work at St Luke’s in Wolverhampton, where we were married.
We have three children and are big fans of the Tipton Leisure Centre, Tipton Sports Academy, Frydays & Dudley Zoo. We have varying numbers of chickens, ducks and guinea pigs at any given time!

Most of all we we are amazingly privileged to belong to Jesus Christ as His disciples. We long to see others come to know Jesus Christ as Lord for themselves and to also grow in the new life He gives.


Mike Smith - Associate Pastor

With his wife Margaret, Mike has been engaged in gospel ministry in Tipton over many years. He has served Grace Community Church since its formation in 2002.

A while back, for a little booklet we did (Christmas: Straight from the Oss's mouth) Mike was interviewed to further explain his story of how he came to be a Christian and how he ended up in Tipton (the clue to the second bit is that He married well!).


Giles Coghlan - Assistant Pastor

Married to Clare with two children, Anna and Joshua, I joined the team in 2013. I became a Christian in the summer of 1999 after reading about the miracles Jesus performed in the Bible. When I became a Christian it was as though I saw life properly for the first time and today I want people to have this new life for themselves.

Before arriving in Tipton I spent five years working with a Christian charity in Birmingham called Birmingham City Mission. In 2009, sensing a vocation to ministry, I went to WEST Theological College in Bridgend, South Wales. While at college I completed a Theology degree and a Theology masters as part of preparation to better serve the church