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A Promising Beginning?

This is how Matthew starts his book recording Jesus' life (Matthew 1:1-17):
(but without the guitar and the singing)

Weird? Boring? Irrelevant?

All the things we think Christianity is ... or that our friends think it is?

But this family tree... Is a Tremendous Tree

The big deal is the focus given to the great promises God made to Abram & David & then to the exiles.  
[look up
Genesis 12:1-3; 2 Samuel 7:22-29; Isaiah 49:5-6]

The point is that Jesus is the one long promised and long waited for to bring blessing for the the world!
He's qualified to bring forgiveness ... to remake and restore the world!

Jesus will bring an end to exile and bring people from every nation, every background, every race, every language back from being far from God. Back from being far from the home we were made to enjoy!

And this family tree ... Has Knots in the wood

The lives and deaths of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Uriah/Bathsheba are really sad & traumatic in different ways.
They'd carry at least a 15 Certificate. If not an 18. 
They are outsiders. And all apart from Ruth are the victims of the selfishness of others and especially the abuse of men.

Yet Jesus is coming to bring blessing to a really messed up world and to really hurt people.

Jesus is one of us. His family tree is like ours. Yet He has come for us - to deal with skeletons in our closets … the secret sins, the scandalous sins ... those done against us or done by us.

So Matthew 1:1-17 .. weird? boring? irrelevant?

Well it's deffo unusual to our ears.
But it is bang on relevant. And way more interesting than we'd have suspected.

Using a family tree of all things Matthew shows that God's kindness has come. God is faithful to His promises. He keeps His word. 
Jesus’ birth fulfils God’s kind promises to a really sinful world far from Him.

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