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CY It's worth exploring

There are basically two options as to why we are here:

either someone created all this

or we are here by chance.

BOTH are astounding given this amazing world we live in. 

BOTH are a matter of FAITH rather than FACT (since no human was there and no scientific method exists to find out what happened at the 'begining' of all things).

Chance or design?

Creator or just cosmos?

Our answer will make a huge difference to us.

Think about it.


If all that we are is an accident then we have no built in significance and there's no purpose for our lives. No basis for right and wrong either.

We are merely carbon based collection of protoplasm moving through time and space at a great speed.


Nothing will make sense – nor should it- in a world based on chance. ‘Why’ is a question we cannot ask in such a world.

But if we are made by someone, created and someone’s workmanship then we matter enormously to them, there's a purpose for living, right and wrong, goals to be pursued.

Mark chapter 1, verse 1 says: ‘The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.’

Mark tells us that God has broken into his world…into our lives to reveal who he is and what he is like.

He’s been doing that since the beginning.

But in Jesus Christ this has happened uniquely and amazingly.

So Christianity is not primarily about:

• church buildings or rituals or rules

• men in strange clothes;

• a God whose only aim in my life is to stop my fun.

No, it’s about Jesus Christ our God. And it is good news.

So this term at eXcel we are going to spend time exploring who Jesus is.
As we do so we’ll be addressing the big questions of life.


And we are going to think about why he came.

Why did he break into human history in such an extraordinary way?


And we are going to consider one more question.

What does it mean to follow him and his purposes for our life?