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Doctor Doctor

'Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a pack of cards.’

‘I’ll deal with you later!’


So far this term we've seen that Luke (the Doctor) is a good guy and a good guide. No joke. Straight forward, hard working, qualified and reliable.

Most Honorable Theophilus:
Many others have tried to give a report of the things that happened among us to complete God’s plan. What they have written agrees with what we learned from the people who saw those events from the beginning. They also served God by telling people his message. I studied it all carefully from the beginning. Then I decided to write it down for you in an organized way. I did this so that you can be sure that what you have been taught is true.

[Luke 1:1-4]

He tells us about the fulfilment of God's plan which (we saw in Luke 4:14-2) is centred on Jesus who brings good news. News of a rescue in fact. Rescue from sin.

But sin came into the world through a temptation by an enemy. So if Jesus is going to be a rescuer he needs to be a warrior. Come to eXcel this week to explore Jesus as the Warrior you probably don't think of him to be!


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