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In the I of the storm


esther 2

Esther is a book that 'just' tells a story. It's history. But it is a story. Straight. With little commentary - no 'baddie music' or clues as to how we are supposed to think or feel about what happens.

So that's why we spend a bit of time thinking about the characters (did we like them? why? how did the film makers make us like them?) and the tone/message of these short films.

Back in Esther 2 we focus on three characters. Xerxes. Mordecai. And at last we meet Esther, who the book is named after.

And we find a seedy cross between 'Big Brother' and a Miss World Competion. And an assasination attempt. So it is not a 'dull' chapter!

Here's what we did as we looked at each of them:

esther 2

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So who are we like and how do we live when 'God is not mentioned' and it seems like 'God is not there'?

Because that is what the book of Esther is in some ways about.

Do we keep our head down? Do we live for ourselves and our pleasure? Are we caught in situations where we just can't see a way to be really Christian? Or can we ...  do we ... will we trust God, worship Him first and do what it takes to live wholeheartedly for Him?

So, what is your story? What will the audience be thinking as you 'walk on stage'? And what will they think tomorrow and next week?

In the storm you are in (relating to nasty men, imperfect relatives, when you are far from home) what will you think/say/do?

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