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Making Progress .... from where we are

esther 4

In Chapter 4 of Esther we see that Mordecai & Esther change.

From being silent & passive about God,
from being cowardly and disobedient,
from being members of God's people by birth only
they become
active, loud, courageous, obedient and people who really live by faith.

That is a big encouragement to us - surely.
Where are we at?
Not in the desperate situation they were in (facing death within the year for belonging to God's people).
Not a Queen in Persia nor a politician in the halls of power.
But at school hiding the fact we go to church?
In a family where being really God centred isn't the norm and so we just coast, doing what everyone else is doing?
Perhaps we are being disobedient to God in some ways that we know are wrong and just at this moment we don't care. Or we do care, but are stubborn and unwilling to turn back.

Whereever we are at, Esther 4 encourages us that the mark of being one of God's people is making progress. Not being perfect, but trusting God as our Saviour and King* and being changed by him.

Sometimes it is in the very hardest experiences of our lives that we make the most progress. It was for Esther and Mordecai.

And if Esther and Mordecai can be changed, well, so can you and I. From where we are at TODAY (not where we should be).

Jesus is

*Jesus is a better Esther, going between us and God to turn aside righteous anger at our sin, not only being willing to die, but actually dying to save, not only the Jewish people, but people from every nation.
Jesus is a better Mordecai, weeping at death by the grave side of Lazarus and sweating blood in the Garden of Gethsemane.  
So we can ask his forgiveness, know his forgiveness and his help to change!

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