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My Life Shouldn't Be This Way

esther 3

Life Shouldn't Be Like this -- we see that in Esther 3.

Esther 3 sheet 1

Life Shouldn't Be Like this -- we see that in our own lives. Sometimes we are victims and other times we are the very opposite. And sometimes it is more messy and complicated than that even.

Esther 3 sheet 2

How do we handle the mess of our lives? 
Esther 3 has a really tough message because despite the sins of others that have messed me up (and they are bad ... and God will judge them) .... either through how I have handled that or because of the wicked things I have said and done I deserve God to punish me.
Wonderfully Esther 3 also has a really tremendous message too - a message of powerful kindness and rescue!

Esther 3 sheet 3

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