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Praying Like Jesus

The Lord's Prayer raised a heap of controversy a few weeks ago. It was banned by some cinemas from being aired as an advert before the new Star Wars film.

It's an amazing, radical and surpising prayer that not everyone can pray. 
It teaches us about what God is like.
It will help us think about how we relate to Him.
And so we are going to take this term to have a look at this awesome part of Jesus' teaching.

13th Jan Our Father in heaven Being Children of God

20th Jan Hallowed be your name Caring about our Father’s reputation

27th Jan Your Kingdom come Caring about our Father’s rule

3rd Feb Bowling

10th Feb Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven Caring about our Father’s plans

24th Feb Give us today our daily bread Needing our Father’s provision

2nd Mar Forgive us our debts Needing our Father’s pardon

9th Mar Lead us ... deliver us Needing our Father’s protection