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Summer Love - the top ten!

This term we will be thinking about the 10 Commandments. 

That might seem strange to you. 
Laws and commandments from thousands of years ago don’t sound very relevant or exciting. 

On the other hand for many people that is all religion is about: ‘keeping the rules’.
Yes it is strange, but what do you expect since it is the weirdness of religion after all?!

Well, we’ll be seeing how neither of those things are true of the Christian faith. 

The Christian faith is not fundamentally about ‘keeping the rules’ but about trusting a Saviour.  The rules show us how much we need Him! 

And as we trust Jesus to be our Saviour the 10 Commandments are awesomely relevant to how to live our lives loving Him and loving others the way He wants.

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The law of love?! [13th April]

10 The one about sideways glances [20th April]

9  The one about what we say about other people [27th April]

8  The one about nicking other people’s stuff [4th May]

7  The one about sex [11th May]

6 The one about valuing other people’s lives [18th May]

5 The one about parents [25th May]