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The Law of Love?!

Three things about the law of God in the 10 Commandments.
And they might surprise us. 

#1: God’s Law is for the Loved!
Exodus 20:2

#2: God’s Law is God's Law
Sounds obvious. But it's deep. The 10 Commandments come from who He is. Exodus 20:1

  • not from a vote
  • not from what people thought was best (reason) or felt was best (feelings) or had found worked (experience) or had always done (tradition)

God speaks them. God who made us all and who is LOVE!

#3: God’s Law is loving

  • it shows us our sin as it reflects God’s loving nature [James 2:10] .
  • it leads us our Saviour  [Galatians 3:24]
  • it is the law of love [Matthew 22:36-40]
  • it restrains evil [1 Tim 1:9-11]