eXcel Winter 2017

This term we'll be getting a first hand account of Jesus' life* open and seeing why (CY) Jesus matters to you and me TODAY.

To do that we'll need to explore who He is, what He said, and what He did. And we'll CY all that matters.

So whatever is going on this term, at home or at school, in clubs you are in or online come to eXcel and CY Jesus matters. CY he makes a difference to every part of life and to you in the very core of your being.

This is a great term for you if you are not sure about what a Christian is or what a Christian does. This is a great term for you if you are thinking about the big questions of life (who am I? why am I here?). This is also a great term for you if you are a Christian but a bit unsure or unclear or if you want help in better at knowing how to talk to your friends about what you believe.

We'll serve all this up with our usual mix of food and fun.

Look forward to seeing you.

10th September - CY it’s worth exploring

24th September - CY Jesus matters

8th October - CY Jesus came

15th October - CY Jesus died

22nd October - CY Jesus lives

12th November - CY God accept us

19th November - CY The Holy Spirit / the Church / Prayer & the Bible

26th November - CY we should believe

Christmas Event - date in December to be confirmed

*Mark's gospel -- Mark was a mate of Peter, one of Jesus' close band of followers who was with him in the years when he stopped being a jobbing builder/carpenter and instead travelled around Israel doing and saying AMAZING things. Mark probably witnessed quite a lot of what Jesus said and did himself as well as find it out from Peter).