jayvieThis is Jayvie Bajar, pictured here with his mother Gina.  Jayvie is sponsored by the children in Power Point through Compassion UK.  Jayvie was born on 18th May 2001.

Jayvie lives in the Philippines with his Mother, Father, Sister and Brother.  Jayvie goes to school and his best subject is maths.  For fun, Jayvie likes to play with cars, sing and play with marbles.  Jayvie has asthma and has to take regular medication.

The children bring in money each week which is collected in Jayvie’s money box.

The money that the children collect is sent to Compassion UK where it is passed on to Jayvie’s parents to pay for his schooling and his medication.

The children also collect enough money each year to send Jayvie a birthday present and Christmas present.  We write to Jayvie and the children have sent him pictures.  Jayvie’s mother writes back to us and lets us know how Jayvie is and what he is doing.

Thank you to all of the Power Point children who help Jayvie.