Because of the national and local situation in Sandwell we are mostly ONLINE in all our meetings, including Sunday.

We're delighted that up to 30 of us are now able to meet at the church building on Newhall Street (you can view our Covid-19 Risk Assessment). If you'd like to know more about that please fill in a contact form.

But we will continue to be doing our service in the same way whether at home or in Newhall Street: pre-recording sermons and putting together a 'service' ('Grace Together') that you can use personally if you are on your own or as a couple or a family or as housemates ... whatever works for you.

And if you're not a Christian or you're trying to reconnect with God and church, you're very welcome to join us for any of our 'online' services which are linked to below. You can also contact us via the contact page

Below are our services. You can follow the prayers and the readings, listen to the songs (sing or hum if you can/want to ... or just listen to the words) and watch recorded messages (on Vimeo/Youtube) from the Bible:

Sunday 18th October
(messsage on Genesis 29:31-30:24 'The bad and the ugly news about God's family - and then the good!')

Sunday 11th October 
(messsage on Genesis 29 'The hope of God through the hurt of betrayal')

Sunday 4th October
message on Psalm 104 'Reasons to be grateful even for the basics of our life'!)

Sunday 27th September 
(message on Genesis 28:10-22 'Hope when we feel alone')

Sunday 20th September
(message on Genesis 26:34-28:9 'Does the sin of leaders among God's people sin floor God?)

Sunday 13th September 
message on Genesis 26:1-33 'What's a Christian's way of life going to look like?')

Sunday 6th September
(message on Genesis 25:19-34 'Is church ... is Jesus too weak and insignificant to matter today?')

Sunday 30th August
(message on Psalm 92)

Sunday 23rd August
(message on Psalm 91)

Sunday 16th August
(message on Psalm 90)

Sunday 2nd August
message on Job 38:1-42:6 'If God is God, why is there so much evil in the world?')

Sunday 26th July
(message on Job 32-37 'How not to make things worse in our suffering')

Sunday 19th July 
message on Job 29-31 'Deep Problems met with deeper solutions')

Sunday 12th July
message on Job 28 'Why is this happening to me?')

Sunday 5th July
(message on Job 19 'Am I God's friend? And what's that like anyway?')

Sunday 28th June 
message on Job 4-27 What's it like to be a true worshipper of God?)

Sunday 21st June
message on Job 4-27 Crushing 'Karma' Christianity)

Sunday 14th June 
(message on Job 3 'Weeping with those who weep')

Sunday 7th June
(message on Job 1&2 as we begin a new series: 'A believer's guide to loss and loneliness')

Sunday 31st May
(message on James 1:8 on how to handle the tough stuff in our lives Christianly)

Sunday 24th May
(message on Genesis 22:20-25:11 helping us to see that God is utterly trustworthy even in the face of death)

Sunday 17th May
message on Genesis 22 helping us think how we can be sure about God and why that's a good thing - when many people think that 'religion' poisons everything)

Sunday 10th May
messsage on Genesis 21 with good news for how God can turn around the toughest situation to bring life and joy)

Sunday 3rd May
(message on Genesis 20 helping us face the two big spiritual mistakes that would make 2020 - with COVID-19 lockdown - a failure, spiritually speaking)

Sunday 26th April
(message on Hebrews 13:14-29 helping us to know what it means to live our lives as Christians, even in lockdown)

Sunday 19th April
(message on Hebrews 12:1-13 because even when we're in lockdown, as Christians we've a race to run!)


Easter Week Bible Readings & Services:

Sunday 5th April - Psalm 118 & Matthew 21:1-11

Monday 6th April - Psalm 113 & Philippians 2:1-11

Tuesday 7th April - Psalm 114 & John 18:1-10

Wednesday 8th April - Psalm 115 & Matthew 27:1-26

Thursday 9th April - Psalm 116 & 117 & John 19:16-22 / Mark 15:33-39

Friday 10th April - Psalm 118 & Matthew 26:17-56

Friday 10th April (Good Friday)
(Bible readings and reflection on Jesus' death and what it means for us, today)

Saturday 11th April - Psalm 88 & John 19:38-42

Sunday 12th April (Easter Sunday)
(message on Psalm 16 & Acts 2:22-47: 'Easter means hope in a coronavirus world')


Sunday 5th April
(message on Psalm 118: 'As fears close in, help is at hand')

Sunday 29th March
(message on Genesis 19: 'What is God telling us through Covid-19?')

Sunday 22nd March
(message on Genesis 18: 'Good news for us when Covid-19 shows us we're powerless & selfish')