Sunday Services

Sunday morning: 10:30am - 11:30am

Sunday mornings, in particular, have a family feel. A crèche is available, and during the sermon we run a small group for those younger children not yet ready to benefit from the preaching. But the rest of the time we are together as we sing and pray and hear God's word with (we hope) the right amount of joy and seriousness appropriate to the wide age range and the occasion.

On the first Sunday of each month we spend the whole service with the full age range worshipping God together. (A crèche is still available for those who may need it.) This service is particularly designed to be helpful to those who are 'looking in' at the Christian faith. At this service the uniformed youth groups attend with their leaders so the first Sunday in the month can be a squeeze!

On the second Sunday of the month we share the Lord's Supper together in the morning.

Sunday evening: 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Sunday evenings have a greater emphasis on prayer and praise, and the sermon is somewhat longer. A room for young children is still available but the focus is more on those of teenage age upwards. As with the morning, our aim is to be both joyful and serious in the appropriate ways. We aim for simplicity and reality. We hope that in our singing, praying and preaching we reflect that we belong to a church with a great history but that we are also called to serve God freshly and faithfully in each new generation.

On the third Sunday of the month we share the Lord's Supper together in the evening.

So, if you have read this description and are looking for a church home, or if you are looking to find out more about the Christian faith, why not come along one Sunday and 'test drive' us! You will be made welcome but we won't pressure you. However, we must offer a warning. This church is full of sinners. Everyone who comes here is one. You'll need to remember that if you associate with us – or you may be unnecessarily disappointed. However, our name is no mistake – we are discovering grace ... together.